Greektown is a historic Chicago neighborhood that is full of Greek and Mediterranean culture and food. The area was settled in the early 1900s and today you can dine at one of the many restaurants or sample neighborhood food during the popular Taste of Greektown festival in August.

In the West Loop, Greektown is near Union StationOgilvie Transportation Center and the UIC-Halsted CTA Station on the blue line. See below for commute tips.


Take a blue line train to UIC-Halsted. Transfer if needed at the Clark/Lake Station from all lines except red. From the red line, transfer at Jackson.

Exit the station via S. Halsted Street at the far east end of the rail station and turn left on S. Halsted to enter the neighborhood. Almost all the restaurants are on this street.

Union Station

If you are arriving at Chicago’s Union Station, you can walk to Greektown in about 10 minutes, which is especially useful if you have time between Amtrak or Megabus transfers and want to eat locally outside the Union Station food court. From the main station exit on S. Canal Street, turn left on S. Canal then left again on W. Adams Street.

Ogilvie Transportation Center

Turn right on West Madison Avenue in front of OTC, walk about the same distance and turn left on S. Halsted.

Divvy Bikes

If you are commuting via Divvy Bike, the closest docks to Greektown are on W. Madison Street at S. Green Street and on W. Jackson at Peoria.


Old St. Patrick’s Church, the National Hellenic Museum and Mary Bartelme Park (great city views) are neighborhood attractions.

Area Map