Montrose Beach is a large and popular beach near Uptown and the Wilson CTA Station on the red and purple line. Amenities include water sport rentals and The Dock, a restaurant and bar.

Things to Know

  • Walking time is 25 minutes, making a bike ride a good option for getting to the beach either via Divvy near the Wilson Station or via the Lakefront Trail.
  • If you need any beach supplies, there’s a Target near the Wilson Station.
  • Avoid using W. Lawrence Avenue to reach the beach — homeless people sometimes camp out under Lake Shore Drive.

CTA Directions

After arriving at the Wilson Station, walk east toward City Sports and the Divvy bikes on Wilson Avenue. Rent a Divvy bike or continue walking on Wilson until it dead ends at the beach.

If biking on Divvy from the station, bike down Wilson and turn right on N. Simonds Drive after entering the park next to the waterfront. There’s a dock near the harbor.

More Information

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