CTA, or Chicago Transit Authority, operates the famous “L” trains, subway lines and buses in the Chicago metro area. There are eight rail lines and 145 stations, including stations at the two major airports: O’Hare and Midway.

Things to Know

  • Fare is the same across the system
  • The red and blue lines operate 24 hours/day
  • All lines except yellow circle around downtown Chicago
  • Most, but not all, of the stations are handicap-accessible — some of the older stations in the Loop currently require walking up and down stairs (CTA is working on making the entire system accessible)

CTA Schedules

CTA rail schedules vary by line, with trains typically arriving every 10 minutes or less. Trains are less frequent on weekends and holidays. Schedules are available on the official CTA website, or our favorite option is to plan trips with Google Maps to get rail information and recommendations on which trains to catch in order to arrive at your destination when desired.

CTA Stations

Explore CTA station guides to learn about nearby attractions, retail stores and restaurants, plus view addresses and area maps.

More Information

How to Ride CTA Trains